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Challenged by changes in Education and the need to equip our learners for the future, the Vision of Ed-U-College Qwa Qwa is to offer education of the highest quality.

We will seek to:

  • Enhance values of Christian religion while respecting other religions.
  • Maintain positive discipline of the highest standard.
  • Be an example by always teaching principles like punctuality, responsibility and loyalty.
  • Supply suitable premises and resources.
  • Always encourage access to education.
  • Foster genuine partnerships in education.
  • Promote equal opportunities and social justice
  • Always be consequent in all situations.


Ed-U-College, Qwa Qwa’s own private school, came into existence during 1993.

The ethos of the school incorporates the belief that Only The Best Is Good Enough. The latest teaching methods are used to support out motivated staff. Levels of achievement in the subjects we teach have already compared with other private schools in the country.

Ed-u-College learners participate in a community where intellectual autonomy and democratic values are fostered. Freedom and responsibility are seen as interdependent. Rational thinking and open mind are viewed as essential for the development of true understanding.

Although we focus primarily on academic achievement we do, however, expose our learners to co-curricular activities to ensure a balance between mental, artistic and physical development.

As our learners’ education is largely dependent on teachers’ standards, we ensure that our teachers are adequately qualified, receive regular training and keep in touch with changes in education.

After many years of success, Ed-U-College Qwa Qwa still offers our learners the knowledge, skills and values to become balanced and responsible members of society.





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